Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In-Stock Rings

We occasionally get calls or emails from folks who are looking for an alternative to metal wedding rings but have discovered our wooden rings only weeks before getting married.  In most cases, we are able to schedule them in and ensure everyone gets their rings on time.

The majority of our rings are made-to-order.  Some are selected from examples shown on our gallery and made to size, while others are totally custom and involve discussing design options with the customer.

To help satisfy the needs of folks who would like to buy a ring immediately, we now offer "In-Stock" rings.  These are rings which I make in some of the more common styles and sizes... and some rings I make because I'm just aching to try a new wood or design.  Either way, I thoroughly enjoy handcrafting them, and am glad to offer wooden rings that can be shipped out immediately.

Visit our Etsy shop and click "Rings IN STOCK", or...

Click here to see our current wooden ring lineup.

We'll be adding new rings in various styles and sizes each week.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Narrow Rings

One of the many nice benefits of bentwood rings is the opportunity to go very THIN or very NARROW while still maintaining durability. 

Solid or laminate-cut wooden rings must maintain a certain thickness in order to keep them from becoming overly fragile.  This is one reason why those types of rings are done in the "chunky" style.

Bentwood ring construction allows for very delicate-looking designs and gives an opportunity for contrast between his-and-hers sets.

Bentwood rings can also be made narrow, so that they protrude from the finger very little.

For more ideas on durable wooden rings, visit our website:

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mountain Ash Wood Wedding Rings

These matching wood wedding rings were made completely from a Mountain Ash tree limb, which was sent to us by a very nice Montana couple.

Contrast was achieved by using the Ash heartwood for the base and the lighter sapwood for the lining and inlay.

Here's a note we received from the new ring owners:

"It's a mountain ash tree that has been in his yard his entire life and is incredibly large and healthy--it has always been a significant tree to us and the family. It's so meaningful for us to have a connection to the actual place that we love the most through the rings that represent our love for one another. The rings will mean a lot to us, always, not only because of the significance of the wood itself, but also because of the care given in making them."