Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wood Choices for Rings

We now have a page available on our website to assist in the process of selecting a wood type for your wooden ring.

It currently includes local woods like Oak, Pecan, Cherry and Maple, as well as more exotic species like Koa, Kingwood, Wenge, Zebra wood, and many more.  This chart will be updated as we receive new material.

In addition, we are developing a web-based "Wooden Ring Customizer" tool which gives the ability to mix and match different wood species, inlays, and linings to get a very good idea of how a combination will look for a wooden ring.  It is quite labor-intensive, as it involves many, many photos and some tricky coding for it all to look right, but we feel it will be super beneficial to our customers when deciding on a wooden ring.

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