Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tapered Rosewood Ring

Fellow Etsy seller, Mai (HanaPurse) , commissioned Stout Woodworks to build a tapered ring from Santos Rosewood.  This wooden ring is 15mm on top, giving plenty of surface area to show off the wood's beautiful grain and color.  It has gently-rounded edges and a comfort fit.

We really appreciated the great feedback received from Mai:

The seller is REALLY VERY kind. He answered all my questions, and made a perfect wood ring for me. I like the smooth edges, organic feel, and appearance. Amazingly a wood ring is more comfortable than metal ones. Thank you very much.

She also sent a photo of the ring being worn:

Thank you, Mai!  We hope you enjoy your new wooden ring!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wood Choices for Rings

We now have a page available on our website to assist in the process of selecting a wood type for your wooden ring.

It currently includes local woods like Oak, Pecan, Cherry and Maple, as well as more exotic species like Koa, Kingwood, Wenge, Zebra wood, and many more.  This chart will be updated as we receive new material.

In addition, we are developing a web-based "Wooden Ring Customizer" tool which gives the ability to mix and match different wood species, inlays, and linings to get a very good idea of how a combination will look for a wooden ring.  It is quite labor-intensive, as it involves many, many photos and some tricky coding for it all to look right, but we feel it will be super beneficial to our customers when deciding on a wooden ring.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Crushed Stone Inlay Rings

In addition to wood inlay rings, Stout Woodworks offers inlays in crushed-stone.  The ring shown here is a wide black walnut band with an offset turquoise inlay.

We are excited about this new style and look forward to showcasing additional examples using material such as malachite and mother of pearl, combined with other wood species.

As with our wood inlay rings, the stone can be centered, offset, or wide and prominent.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wood Inlay Rings

Stout Woodworks is very pleased to offer wood inlays on our bentwood rings!

Each wood inlay is very carefully cut by hand.  The process is a delicate one, but the end result is a durable ring that offers many design possibilities and opportunities to create striking contrast between different wood species.

The inlays themselves can be cut to various widths, and can be centered or offset.When factoring in the option to add an interior ring lining (the ring shown in the picture has a maple lining), the possibilities are even greater.
If you are looking for a custom-designed inlay wood ring, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities!Feel free to visit our wood ring website or our Etsy shop, where we list new rings every week.